Give yourself the opportunity to learn more about wine and enjoy a meal you will not forget! To sign up for a class, there is no need to be an expert. The important thing is to love wine and food and to want to have a good time.
Throughout dinner, you will taste four to five different wines in a full range of vintages that have been carefully selected to match the delicious food. With a unique and refreshing approach, you will be taken through a variety of information to build upon and refine your wine knowledge. As a seasoned wine professional, I will share the secrets necessary to taste wine properly, how to choose the foods that best match with your wine when dining, and how to pick out a terrific wine in a restaurant. You will be expertly guided through the main wine regions that are being discussed.
Our Wine Tasting Dinners are both informative and fun. It is also always a unique experience where people get to meet similarly-minded people, food, fun and wine-lovers all seated at the same table.